Ponnar – Sankar brothers lived during 400 years ago probably be tween 1641 and 1658 were the sons of Kunnudaya goundar  and Thamaraiariya Nachiyar. Who lived in Manaparai area that is at Kavandampatty near Kallamedu, Trichy – Madurai High Ways and they were died near Veerapur 15km from Manaparai. They had holy life with divinity so they believed to be compared with God.
            To memorize the event of fight for morality in their life, even till today Veerapur Festival is Celebrated on "Masi" month after Eighth Day of "Sivarathri" probably between January end to February first week. More than 20lakhs people assembled here to celebrate the festival occasion. Vedapuri Festival on last day is the famous one and on that day alone millions of people get worship in front of the temple of holy lives spoilt their life for moral justice.
            Every year special Transport facilities made to approach the place of worship by Govt. of TamilNadu. Tourism important place every body must see that one when crossing over Manaparai.
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